Wooden Carets

Wooden Carets

We offers wooden boxes for shipping and packaging purpose. These are used to avoid damages when you are moving your goods from one location to another. Wooden Carets are available in different sizes such as rectangular, spherical, square or alternative shapes. These boxes keep the product safe and in its original shape, it does not require disinfection of heat. These are already tested and ensure the best quality that keep your goods harmless. These are of different types such as:-

Plywood Box

We have service of plywood box also and these are available in different size or shapes. These box are durable enough having the capability to hold the heavy goods in any climate even you can use them for shipping purpose.


Heavy Machinery

These are used for large products and the merchandise that needs to transport is should be packed through machinery packaging as it also allows air flow.

Wooden Pallets

We deliver wooden pallets in different industries and are manufacturer of wooden carets. We manufacture Hardwood Wooden Pallets, Compresses Wooden Pallets, and Softwood Wooden Pallets etc. These are useful in holding the large products and the pallets designed by us is reliable, recyclable, durable, best for warehouse and of superior quality.

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